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whose forbearers are called Homo sapiens."  

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* It Always Seems Impossible - New!
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Diane Speaks
The Human Perspective
For Our Troubled Times

*  Creating the Future (Introduction)

Dark Plasma & Dark Matter (Part One)

*  Other-Earth: Dark Plasma/Matter (Part 2)

Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion

4 Questions on Paranormal Events & UFOs

Quantum Dreaming -

How To Speed Up Evolution

UFO Occupants: From Time Not Space?

Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?

Do UFO Occupants Surf the Internet?

Human Belief Systems: An Enormous Challenge

The Ancient Astronaut Puzzle

Unidentified Light-form in Irish Meadow

Paranormal Warnings of Bridge Collapses

Tibus Speaks

Channeled Messages
From a Higher Realm


* Tibus' Archeological Predictions Come True!

* The Reality Continuum Revisited

* Fracking & The God Cloud -
Tibus' Warning on Pipeline

*  UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View

* The New Madrid Prediction

* Guidance & Help for the Change Times

Volcano Focus

*  Evolution & the Creator Spirit


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Diane Tessman Discusses UFO Phenomena
and The Alien Agenda

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The Transformation - by Diane Tessman

Now available in Kindle or print format through Amazon!
The Transformation - Order now thru Amazon!

The Transformation is a unique and inspiring book! It is written from the heart and soul of UFO researcher and well known spiritual channel, Diane Tessman. It offers a detailed account of her childhood encounter with UFO being, Tibus, with notes on her regression memories by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.

The Transformation offers a blueprint to the future for anyone who realizes that humankind is facing a huge shift in consciousness. For anyone who is highly aware of pending Earth changes, the Transformation offers enlightened hope as well as vibrant spiritual insight. A new dawn of higher consciousness awaits Mother Earth and her life forms. Join Diane in this amazing human adventure!


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The Sensational New Book is Now Available!
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Join Diane Tessman as she explores new possibilities
surrounding the ancient mystery!

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All Things Happen For a Reason...

...and so you may already realize you have been guided to this website for a reason as well...

  • Have you always felt different?

  • Are you concerned about the earth changes going on all around us and increasing on a daily basis - earthquakes, floods, wildfires, super-storms, global warming? 

  • Do you feel a longing for a place you have always secretly dreamed about, but which doesn't seem to exist in our chaotic world? 

  • Do you have past life memories and dreams, or perhaps missing time, and maybe even wonder if you have been contacted or influenced by beings from a higher realm? 

  • Do you find yourself gazing up at the stars and feeling a longing so intense as to be heartbreaking?

If these words describe you, rest assured that you have been guided to this website because it is time for you to learn the truth - not only about the world at large, but about yourself and the phenomenal energies at work in your life.

You are not alone!


Who Is Diane Tessman?

Diane is a compassionate and loving counselor with more than 30 years experience. She specializes in creating books, newsletters and personal dialogs about earth prophecies, climate and society changes,  Perhaps even more importantly, Diane offers personal spiritual counseling for people who are worried about these times of great change. Diane has been helping men and women understand and deal with these changes for over three decades in an effort to help them spiritually and emotionally.

Once you read Diane's monthly publications and books, you'll be able to understand why so many people trust in her for peace of mind during today's troubled times. Her warm and personable demeanor is easily felt in each of her reasonably priced works, which you have easy access to through her Website! Contact Diane now to make her your spiritual counselor of choice.

Ruth Montgomery's spirit guide in her book Aliens Among Us said, "Diane's contact is real. Space people are indeed able to contact through mental telepathy, those who are open to their vibrations and take time for meditation, which is the way to hear unspoken words."


Diane's Contact Is Real

While teaching school in the 1970s, Diane was the Florida State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), investigating a number of amazing and mysterious UFO sightings.

However, Diane knew within herself that her motivation for looking into UFOs, paranormal phenomenon, and other-dimensional realities was more than idle curiosity. She suspected she had experienced an otherworldly encounter when she was a child on her North Iowa farm.

Information Packet

Send for a packet of invaluable, fascinating information from Diane via the post!
Receive 2 sample publications, a catalog and more!

USA or International?

This soulful memory was confirmed in 1981 when Diane underwent hypnosis with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Sprinkle became convinced that "Diane's memories are real. They have a profound influence on her inner character and personal goals.''

 Details of Diane's UFO experience, including Dr. Sprinkles' notes and insights, can be found in Diane's first book, published in 1983 and entitled The Transformation. In it, she explains how she first came into contact with her guide, Tibus, who is now known by thousands of humans for his personal guidance and prophetic predictions involving planet Earth.

Diane's Personal Spirit Quest

In 1990, Diane embarked on a personal spirit quest and moved to the Republic of Ireland where she stayed until 1995. There, she lived in the beautiful Kilkenny countryside in an old cottage and studied Celtic Shamanism. She took many photos, which stand as some of the most authentic and startling photos of fairies and light beings ever taken. Feel free to contact Diane for copies of these. In 1995, Diane was called to the Giant Rock/Joshua Tree area of California's high desert. It was at Giant Rock that so many UFO contacts were made by George van Tassel and others in the 1960s.

In those mystical desert energies, Diane wrote her best-selling book entitled Earth Changes Bible. Predictions of global warming and a number of threatening planetary issues are featured in this book, along with how-to-survive-and-flourish tips in the coming New Dawn of higher consciousness. Earth's severe crises today are the beginning, not the end! Enlightened humans can and will create a new, healed Earth that vibrates an octave higher.

Diane Today

Since 1981, Diane and Tibus have offered guidance to thousands of clients. Many clients have been with her since 1981 and have found Tibus to be an invaluable guide through Diane. Indeed, these clients are now dear friends. Today, Diane lives in her native North Iowa where she writes/channels two publications and does personal, written counseling. She also personally fills all orders herself, choosing just the right crystal or gemstone for each client. An animal lover all her life, Diane has opened her 10-acre farmhouse sanctuary to stray and abandoned cats and dogs while fully maintaining the sanctuary with the kind and loving assistance of donations. Feel free to ask Diane more about this aspect of her shamanic mission.

Educational Background

Diane taught 1st and 2nd grade, as well as ESL, in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1981, she moved to Southern California where Diane listened to her soul-song and began channeling messages from Tibus and doing readings for clients. In 1983, she began her long-running newsletter, The Star Network Heartline, which has not missed a month of publication.

Try the Heartline for Free!

A new issue has just come out, ask for as free sample! The Heartline is cherished by star people across the planet. Diane has become one of the prophetic voices of the new age, appearing at conferences as a featured speaker. Her reputation spread quickly as a gifted and authentic channel.

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Diane Tessman | P.O. Box 352  |  St. Ansgar, IA  50472


Diane's Sunrise Stone
Send a beacon out into the galaxy, proclaiming you are ready for the new dawn of Planet Earth's risen consciousness! Carry your vibrant Citrine Calcite Sunrise Stone with you in these Change Times; let your enlightenment flow and flourish! Diane has personally fallen in love with the vibrations of this beautiful gemstone.
Your beautiful orange/gold Sunrise Stone symbolizes and proclaims your enlightened path as the dimensional shift looms, which will lead to new life for Mother Earth and for those humans who can adapt their minds and spirits to a higher, better way of thinking, feeling, acting, and being. Celebrate the New Dawn's orange and golden light!
Your Sunrise Stone comes with a full page of "How-To" meditations and guidance from Diane's guide Tibus.
Very limited supply, so order now! Diane will personally energize your Sunrise Stone. Let your beacon of light shine forth into the galaxy!
$20 + $5. shipping

By snail mail:
Order from: Diane Tessman
P.O. Box 352
St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472

In addition to helping others find their personal path,
Diane also feeds & cares for stray and abandoned animals
ranging from cats and dogs to deer, turkey & other wildlife.
If you'd like to help this worthy effort... Please Donate.


Diane Speaks
The Human Perspective

Creating the Future (Introduction)
Dark Plasma & Dark Matter (Part One)
Other-Earth: Dark Plasma/Matter (Part 2)
Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion
4 Questions on Paranormal Events & UFOs
Quantum Dreaming
UFO Occupants: From Time Not Space?
Alien Entanglement/Quantum Entanglement?
Do UFO Occupants Surf the Internet?
Human Beliefs: An Enormous Challenge
The Ancient Astronaut Puzzle
Unidentified Light-form in Irish Meadow

Paranormal Warnings/Bridge Collapses

Tibus Speaks
Messages From A Higher Realm

Tibus' Archeological Predictions Come True!
The Reality Continuum Revisited
Fracking, The God Cloud & the Change Times
Tibus' Warning on Pipeline
UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View
Guidance & Help for the Change Times
Volcano Focus
Evolution & the Creator Spirit
The New Madrid Prediction



The Star Heartline
The Change Times Quarterly

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It Always Seems Impossible
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