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Giant Plumes of Methane Bubbling to the Surface of the Arctic Ocean I am not happy, to put it mildly, when one of Tibus’ predictions comes true! Here is the news article: Russian scientists have discovered hundreds of plumes of methane gas, some 1,000 meters in diameter, bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean.  The concentration is “100 times higher than normal.” Scientists are concerned that as the ice shelf recedes, the unprecedented levels of methane released could greatly accelerate global climate change. Methane is 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and this new situation has shocked scientists. They had been watching torch-like structures which were tens of meters in diameter but now, suddenly, there are powerful and impressive methane plumes more than 1,000 meters in diameter. There are thousands of these plumes now from Russian mainland to Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf. Some plumes are more than 1000 meters in diameter. “Methane fields manifesting on fantastic scale,” says perplexed, dismayed scientist.




News bulletin:  Our prediction is correct.  It is official. Earth’s precious ground water is being contaminated and poisoned by FRACKING! See our Ten Future Predictions as well as Tibus’ channeling below:




Today, there are not one or two prophets who tell us all that this is a very unusual time on Planet Earth and that something enormous this way comes. Today, millions of people are their own prophets, predicting tectonic upheaval, magnetic shift, chaos in human society while alien space raft hover overhead, and possibly The End. The End the the World? Or is it a New Beginning - a New Dawn?

    I have found that people come to me not for those basic predictions which are pounding in all of our  minds and spirits, but for guidance and gnosis regarding specific events as well as a spiritual blueprint about where we will all end up.

    Will we survive and can we be positive that these change times are really the birth pains of a New World which vibrates on a higher level of enlightened consciousness?

    This is the gift I have been given: To be able to help people who already know. I give details and specifics, and the 100% certainty that a new and better Earth dimension is being born. I know this because this is where I come from.  New Earth is already born, we have only to become one with her. 


1) Eruption of the Iceland volcanoes shortly before they began erupting in 2010, and I also predicted the subsequent interruption of air travel.

2) The phenomenon which manifested in 2010 of sink holes appearing in greater abundance around the planet, particularly China. I have also predicted the specific activity of earthquakes and volcanoes in various areas of the world. Specifics are available from me.
3) The breaking up of the Larsen Ice Shelf in recent years, was predicted by me in 1984.

4) I predicted the coming of torrential downpours with greater water volume than ever before, an abundance of tornadoes as never before, a planetary upswing in violent "super-torrent" storms and floods. I predicted all of these in 1984, then kept warning of them in subsequent years and these have all come to pass. More will come with even more torrential downpours.

5) The downward spiral of the U.S. and global economies as well as worldwide "unraveling" of the features of modern society, political systems, and economics which seemed so entrenched: these have come to pass and are growing in severity. I feel that the entire dimension is unraveling, reason is being lost, lunacy reigns. Balance has been lost by the planet's climate system and by humankind.
6) I predicted  (December, 2010) that U.S. nuclear plants would have to close due to leaks or problems, 1 week later,  2 U.S. nuclear plants closed temporarily due to leaks and problems.
7) In a recent issue of Change Times Quarterly,  I featured New Zealand's earthquake threat as severe. I detailed the 7.0 quake which produced the aftershock, which on February 22, almost leveled the city of Christchurch. I warned and predicted that this would happen and that New Zealand was in particular danger. I have spotlighted the Pacific Ring of Fire repeatedly as the trigger on the gun which will bring catastrophes across the planet in future days.

8) In the pages of my publication, The Change Times Quarterly, I predicted that in coming years there would be mobs of people causing chaos and crime, and that these would not be trained terrorists but “just people” who experience a type of mass insanity by disregarding society’s laws and accepted behavior. Today, there are “flash mobs” who terrorize, vandalize, and rob stores, including those in upscale shopping malls. These are groups of “friends,” who often plan to meet through social networking sites, who then walk into shops and leisurely take what they want. En masse, with caps pulled over their eyes, they overwhelm clerks by their sheer number. Store cameras cannot differentiate one of them from another. They take their time and choose the most expensive items, and then leave en masse, thus breaking even the rules of robbing a store.

9) In my book Earth Changes Bible, published in 1995, I predicted the “unraveling” of the United States in the 21st Century, with political divisions becoming so poisonous as to cause some regions to take steps toward forming their own countries. Today, the governor of Texas has openly addressed the possibility of Texas leaving the United States, and there is talk of California becoming its own country. At present, political divisions amongst U.S. citizens have become “not just healthy debate,” but venomous vitriol which leaves lasting divides and bitterness. Because of this, the U.S. government is basically paralyzed.

10) I predicted that UFO sightings worldwide would increase many fold. Today, UFOlogists, researchers, contactees, abductees, and all of us who are some combination thereof, agree on only one thing: The number of UFO sightings have increased dramatically. Their occupants also seem to be trying to be seen by the humans below; in the past, they seemed somewhat careful or secretive. However, today UFOs are showing up in skies over Fourth of July celebrations, air shows, and state fairs, apparently by design. The next logical step: UFO landings, in order to introduce the reality of their existence into the mass human consciousness and then to assist humankind in taking its next step in spiritual evolution through interiorizing the fact that “we are not alone,” and “we are not the most intelligent animal."


Predictions: Can We Talk?

I recently wrote “Ten Future Predictions,” which appears on my web site earthchangepredictions.com, and on the web magazine UFOdigest.com, and which was reprinted on Earthchanges college web site.

One of the comments on Earth Changes College was something like, “When you think about it, aren’t all these predictions obvious? Duh!”

Well, of course they are obvious, that’s the point! Allow me to explain, although I also touched on this explanation in the introduction to Ten Future Predictions:

There seems to be a basic misunderstanding of “predictions,” perhaps due to the over-abundance of “psychic readers,” and similar modern sensationalistic and money-making efforts.
Let’s start at the foundation for many in this society: Jesus is considered a prophet. I hasten to add that I do not necessarily consider myself a prophet nor am I placing myself in the same class as Jesus!

However, what did Jesus really predict? His predictions had to do with the moral and spiritual quality of humankind: Money is a corrupting influence and leads to greed, so do not value this above love and integrity. He spoke of the general spiritual corruption of his society and warned that this path would not lead to a heavenly state of being.

In other words, his predictions (and any good prediction), is one that bases itself in the way society or the world is at present, and contains a warning that if the path is not changed, tragedy or catastrophe will result. A good prediction is logical! It is also usually general, as were Jesus’ predictions.

A prediction with some worth does not pull a rabbit out of a hat and state that Uranus will fly out of its orbit and collide with the Moon tomorrow, destroying Earth. Now, maybe this will happen because anything is possible, but it is highly unlikely and has no basis in logic. Scientists have not found that Uranus is unstable to the point of escaping its orbit and if it did come unhinged, the chances it would hit the Moon are relatively small. So, that’s a bad or at least an illogical, prediction.

Yet, many predictions these days are along this line. “A killer asteroid is 200,000 miles away and will end all life on Earth on Wednesday.” Or, “The largest plasma ejection ever known will be headed for Earth from the Sun next week.”

Ok, that could happen, I guess, but it is a rabbit pulled out of a hat, probably to gain the predictor/prophet some attention. However, the melting of the Larsen Ice Shelf, for instance, which I predicted several decades ago, was a logical step as I read scientific articles (and had intuitive feelings regarding what I read), about alarming glacial and ice shelf melt which was beginning to happen. The same is true of all my predictions; I did not pull a rabbit out of a hat in any of the Ten Future Predictions.

In my perception, this is the strong point of my predictions. In the Earthchange College reader’s comment, it was a weakness and even an area for derision: “Aren’t these predictions obvious? Duh!”

To make predictions is not to be your phone psychic who pulls a rabbit out of the hat and tells you for no reason that you will slip on your front porch steps tomorrow. Or who tells you that your boy friend is cheating on you when, of course, she does not even know your boyfriend.

Our society cheapens intelligent, logical predictions which are simply warnings given by a writer who hopefully has some credentials and proven merit. Such logical predictions have nothing to do with the psychic world or trying to get a buck out of someone with a “psychic prediction,” which is probably a bullshit con job.

Unless you are one of the dwindling number who believes there is no radical climate change occurring on Earth, you will perceive that waters could rise as ice melts globally and that fresh drinkable water could become scarce as salt water contaminates more and more due to its rising.

Yes, you perceive this too, it’s not just me! However, it seems to be my purpose in life, my profession if you will, to ring the alarm bell we all feel should be rung. And there are other predictors (even prophets), like me. Sure, we do not all agree, but that is the human condition. We are no different.

When fire breaks out in a crowd, someone has to hit the alarm bell. We all perceive the fire, we all would hit the bell, but it seems to be my purpose to actually hit the alarm bell with my predictions.
It is my hope that by ringing the alarm bell, mass human consciousness will come together and wake up.

Are my predictions obvious if we stay on the path we are on? Of course they are! That’s the point!




  I offer The Change Times Quarterly and The Star Network Heartline newsletters in which specific predictions are given to me on Monday, and by Thursday, the information is in your mailbox; these are specific predictions, detailed information, private and personal and yet - planetary. This is because our entire Mother World is engulfed by winds of change so strong, that Earth will never be the same.

    The People of Earth are currently abuzz with the rumor that Two Suns have been spotted in the sky from China to Manchester, U.K., to Puerto Rico. My gift of prophecy is proven, and so what knowledge am I receiving on this possible earthshaking event which is predicted by the Mayans and also in the Bible?

    This is the spiritual blueprint I offer to supplement the specific predictions which come to me:  "What will my family and I do?" "Is my own area safe?"  "Where is this all leading?"

    This is not a matter of ego with me. I am busy every day caring for our cat and dog sanctuary; I live very quietly in the low key, remote, Iowa countryside. These predictions, this urgent information, simply comes to me. It is sent for a reason:

    It is sent so I can help you.


Change Times Quarterly:  $60 for 4 issues, Quarterly
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The Star Network Heartline:  $30 for 12 issues
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Star Network Heartline - $30 (12 issues)


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If you would like to support Diane in her mission to boost awareness for the coming change times, as well as her ongoing mission to help abandoned cats and dogs on her 10 acre sanctuary in Iowa, you can always donate any amount at any time.  Your support and kindness are known by Spirit, and will not go unrewarded.  We welcome and value your assistance.


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