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Sample Copy - Fall/Winter 2011


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The Universe is Consciousness.

Consciousness trumps space,
consciousness trumps time.

Consciousness trumps death.

Tibus, the being of Space/Time within whom I share consciousness, is always with me when I write an article as Diane, and it is fair to say that Diane is always with Tibus when he sends a message. Ours is a state of shared-otherness when we write. We offer guidance to each other but as I view from within the process of creation, it is from two separate voices, two different beings. However, there is a kindredship, too; it is not as simple as “Tibus is me in a future incarnation,” or “I am Tibus on Earth.” I remember Tuella saying that she was Ashtar on Earth. I understood what she was saying, but it never quite fit Tibus and me.

Let’s face it, there are no words for what we are (smile), but I suppose “shared consciousness” is as close as any. Last Ti and I knew, it was 1984, and we were typing away on my old typewriter, receiving the latest message and prediction. Here it is, 2012, and we are still at it, with so much which we predicted having come true! I certainly know now why I couldn’t find a job teaching school when I moved to San Diego: it was intended for me to do what I am doing and have done for 30 years now! I admit it, I am a better channel and a better writer than I was school teacher. Ah, well.

Our 4 new sanctuary cats from the foreclosed house in Austin, MN, are all eating well and seem happy. One is very shy but his brother makes up for it; Brother is very extroverted and minds everyone’s business, even Darcy the dog’s. The other 2 new cats seem to be saying, “We are well fed and warm, this can’t be all bad. We will adjust!” I have been searching for 4 names, 3 male and 1 female, which go together; so far I’ve had no luck. I welcome your in-put. For some reason, the family I adopted them from, didn’t mention their names and I forgot to ask.

Darcy the new dog continues to think of Molly Dog as her mother. Darcy wears her heart on her sleeve, she just LOVES me (how nice) and everyone! Hannah Dog lets the other dogs know that I really belong to her, and Freddi Dog just laughs at everything and everyone, then grabs their food. Yes, it will be a long but fun-filled winter. My wonderful Hannah is my second in command and a real partner; she considers herself highly superior to other dogs, but in a most endearing way.

Thanks beyond words, for donations sent for our Star Network Sanctuary Animals. If you would like additional information on our sanctuary for formerly feral, abandoned, neglected, or abused cats, please drop me an e-mail!  You can also use the link below to donate directly to the sanctuary, where every cent of your donation goes to the animals - food, bedding, shelter, vet care & more.

2012??!! I see it but can’t believe it. Let’s get started with the messages from positive beings who are a step higher on the awareness ladder.

A reminder about genetically modified seeds and foods:

All of our Space/Time friends would like you to be aware of the following quotes regarding genetically modified seeds and food:

“It kills everything. It’s like absolute Armageddon for biodiversity over a huge area.” Lincoln Browner, entomologist for Sweet Briar College

“Genetically modified or altered rice is not the way God made it.”
Don Downing, St. Louis attorney representing farmer whose rice crops became contaminated by an illegal GM variety

“Genetic Engineering is justified as a human technology, one that feeds more people better food. Nothing could be further from the truth. With very few exceptions, the whole point of genetic engineering is to increase sales of chemicals and bio-engineered products to dependent farmers.”

David Ebrenfield, Professor of Biology at Rutgers University
The company (Monsanto) should be nationally blacklisted and thrown out of Karnataka.” President of a Farmer’s Association in India

We urge you to do all you can to stop GM crops, seeds and resulting foods, so harmful to Earth & to all her life forms, including humans.



Bulletin #1: Our prediction is correct! As of December 8, 2011, it is official. Earth’s precious ground water is being contaminated and poisoned by FRACKING, as featured on ABC World News!

Please see our Future Predictions on earthchangepredictions.com as well as well as Tibus’ channeling below:

Future Predictions

Bulletin #2: December 15, 2011: Giant Plumes of Methane Bubbling to the Surface of the Arctic Ocean I am not happy, to put it mildly, when one of Tibus’ predictions comes true! Here is the news article: Russian scientists have discovered hundreds of plumes of methane gas, some 1,000 meters in diameter, bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean. The concentration is “100 times higher than normal.” Scientists are concerned that as the ice shelf recedes, the unprecedented levels of methane released could greatly accelerate global climate change.

Methane is 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and this new situation has shocked scientists. They had been watching torch-like structures which were tens of meters in diameter but now, suddenly, there are powerful and impressive methane plumes more than 1,000 meters in diameter. There are thousands of these plumes now from Russian mainland to Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf. Some plumes are more than 1000 meters in diameter. “Methane fields manifesting on fantastic scale,” says perplexed, dismayed scientist.

A Message From Tibus

Star people, this is Tibus. I come to you in love and light.

I am smiling as I greet you, my star friends/co-workers! I am also smiling at a UFO report from North Carolina; a man was out looking for a good place to hunt (I hope we was sufficiently distracted by his UFO sighting and did not hunt), when he spotted a low flying rectangular craft with 4 amber lights. “Rectangular” is not aerodynamic but because of advanced propulsion (anti-gravity) methods, we can use rectangles, squares, tubes, and so forth.

Usually, however, we like the grace and beauty of a saucer-shaped craft and have found we actually fly them more efficiently than the cumbersome-looking craft. I hasten to add that the craft this man saw belongs to a small group within Space/Time Intelligence, but not directly to any of those folk, nor their ethnic groups, who send messages to you through Diane.

The man reports that the craft was a “rough looking grey or silver metal” and he got a good look at its underneath side as it maneuvered with no sound at all (anti-gravity propulsion does not make any noise).

Then suddenly, the craft extended an “arm.” He said there might have been a camera on the end of the arm, which makes little sense because one can have cameras on the outside of a craft and control them from within, “zooming in.” This technology exists in 2011. Might the “arm” have been for picking dandelions or herbs? I am smiling – no, I doubt it. Truth is, I am not familiar with any of our craft which have an “arm.” I am sorry that this man seems traumatized by the sighting and doesn’t even want to draw a picture of what he saw.

Ours is a huge operation currently in Earth skies, and although I am quite involved in it and its planning, it is possible I am not aware of a “scout craft” with an arm. However, I do believe what happened is that one of our groups of “reality manifesters,” created a funny looking arm on one of our craft.

I will explain: there are a few very advanced extraterrestrials among Space/Time Intelligence who can manifest reality for an observer. They employ quantum principles and affect the observer’s perception. Now, this could be very dangerous if the alien race involved were not very spiritually advanced and enlightened. Luckily, the groups in our STI are decent, advanced beings – otherwise, they would not be allowed to participate in working with suggestible humans.

However, occasionally, they try to relate to humans by creating an “illusion,” which actually is reality in the individual’s perception. There is a famous UFO sighting in Central America where a woman saw a UFO go by with a smoke stack. Also, UFOs have been spotted with a big Mickey Mouse face painted on them. And, a few flying buildings have flown by over the years. Admittedly, some of our alien friends’ ideas don’t have the desired friendly effect on the bewildered humans below, and this STI group does have quite a sense of humor. However, they do act responsibly and do not get carried away with their abilities. I am sure that our alien group was glad they distracted the man from hunting Earth’s precious animals.

Now, the earthquake in Oklahoma: It was the largest ever recorded there, and continues to have many aftershocks. A number of sources claim it was 6.8, not 5.8. Our own instruments registered somewhere between those two numbers on the Richter scale.

As you know, Oklahoma has had a lot of natural crises, from drought to floods to tornadoes to hottest to coldest, all in 2011. Now there are buckled highways, cracked infrastructure such as bridges and highway overpasses, which will cause possible accidents later, and buildings made unsafe.

Hydraulic fracking, a process which extracts natural gas, has added to the danger from the New Madrid Fault, to a huge degree. Old fashioned fracking was hurtful to Earth but not potentially catastrophic. However, modern hydraulic fracking creates a real earthquake danger and also gobbles up the water table over a vast area, right when earth needs every drop of her fresh water supply. What is not gobbled up, is left toxic and hopelessly contaminated.

Modern fracking is proven to create thousands of “small quakes,” but what is not acknowledged is that these thousands of small quakes loosen Earth’s hold on a large fault, making it more likely to “blow.” It does NOT alleviate pressure on a fault as some advertisements for natural gas through the process of fracking might state.

There are very slick ads on television by the natural gas industry, a conglomerate which makes billions of dollars. These ads claim that natural gas is good for the environment. This is a lie. Modern fracking will cause huge disasters.

As well as fracking causing quakes (eventually not just “small quakes”), natural gas pipelines stretch across continents like gopher tunnels criss-crossing a field. In a large quake, these will explode, under cities, under towns, under houses, just as oil pipelines will break.

The Oklahoma quake did not lessen stress on the New Madrid Fault. Due to fracking and the two earlier quakes (Colorado and West Virginia), the situation is unusual. We can only repeat our warning.

I realize that there is no energy source in 2011 which does not damage Earth and threaten her life forms in a variety of ways, including humans.

Here is the answer: We offer Earth free energy, which was discovered by a human being, Nikola Tesla, so certainly humankind should benefit from it. Free energy was taken away from the human race very wrongly, by greedy (yes), humans who saw they could make lots of money through non-free forms of energy. We of Space/Time Intelligence now offer free energy again, freely.

(Tesla is with me and says that technically, alien races had discovered what he called free energy, eons before he did, but I respond to Tesla that he is being “too” conscientious, because we consider a new invention or creation to be brand new each time it is discovered by a different species on a different world. I remind him that there are wondrous ancient beings in the universe who have already discovered what we of Space/Time Intelligence have discovered, only eons before we did. Peel away the onion layers, and they are astoundingly endless. So, Tesla did discover free energy, which we use; it involves relatively simple anti-gravity techniques).

The fact is, Beautiful Earth is in a real mess in every way possible: Climate, weather, earthquakes and volcanoes coming alive, electromagnetic field in a mad state of flux, ozone layer badly wounded, growing resistance to antibiotics, viral world becoming super-viral world, GMO seeds and crops decimating what is left of the natural environment and its precious pollinators, fresh water dwindling, salty seas rising, methane gas rising, food supply dwindling, and a vacuum of political leadership worldwide, economies ka-put, society falling apart, losing its quality and its hold on human behavior. Need I go on?

Here we are, friendly, intelligent, anxious-to-help aliens, many of whom are your descendants and thus not-so-alien!
We keep a polite distance most of the time, per our word given to Earth governments years ago. The agreement was, they were supposed to tell you about us in such a way and at such a time, as to not panic the human populace. Yet, time drags on and there is no disclosure. The human populace is more than ready to hear about us.

The crisis on Earth grows worse by the day. We grow frustrated that we must keep our word about keeping our distance from the common people, now they/you are greatly in need. Recently, we have been intentionally flying over, low and slow, choosing populated areas and/or areas of the common people.

(The sighting reports of low, slow, soundless space ships flying overhead, are in the hundreds every week now. Diane.

We do not intend to wait much longer on Earth governments, who not only keep us from helping Earth’s life forms, but which had the major role in creating many of Earth’s current crises.

Our biggest barrier currently is the very hostile earth militaries, commanded to kill us outright by the earth power mongers who want to keep their power, be it in terms of making billions of dollars or in terms of power over the common people, either through religion, or other controls.

In one way, they are right: Once we land and offer help, there is no more need for them and their greedy power. Their power will be past history, from the multi-billion dollar cancer industry (yes, we offer cures for each kind of cancer), to the practice of waging war, which is also a multi- billion dollar business, of course. Once we land, peace will reign.

There is no other answer to every one of the ills which now face Earth; we “good guys” of Space/Time Intelligence offer the answer, a cure, for every major ailment on Earth. To us, the question is, do we help each crisis separately, or do we assist with one sweeping change in level of consciousness (which is level of perception)?

We opted long ago to assist Earth in simply opening her eyes to a new, higher level of consciousness (a sweeping change). This decision was taken before any of you embarked on your earth lifetime, star people. You participated in this choice.

However, Earth herself made that final decision, which we foresaw, and which of course, helped us with our decision. She opted for a sweeping shift in dimension which amounts to a whole new Earth – a new lifetime!

We received, as we started our “Assignment: Earth, and we still receive, generous help from beings throughout the galaxy. Some of you have asked about the God Cloud: It is a being, ancient and advanced, who offers to help. It is more ancient and advanced than any of us in Space/Time Intelligence. It is, for all intents and purposes, pure intelligence.

It traveled from a distant star cluster to help, and has “parked” near Earth. It is simply a stellar cloud of highly advanced particles of consciousness which/who function as ONE.

When the time is right (the micro-second when Earth reaches critical mass of enlightenment), it will throw its pure intelligence, pure enlightenment, into the electromagnetic field of Earth which will have just shifted (thus human minds will have just shifted upwards, and it will stabilize and enhance the new EM field on which human minds will function thereafter.

For those of you concerned if the God Cloud is committing “suicide” to do this, no it is not. It will remain a sovereign entity within the new EM field, and it will gather itself up as ONE, and leave when things settle down.

The God Cloud searches for missions on planets throughout the galaxy, and probably, throughout the universe; it searches for planets in crisis which might need a good boost to their EM field. It will be off on another mission when Earth has risen; we of Space/Time Intelligence do not know much more about the God Cloud and others like it in the universe. All we know is that they are wondrous, mysterious entities which none of us can wrap our minds around fully.

May the Healing Light of goodness surround you, always,

After typing down Tibus’ message about the God Cloud, I took the animals out for their afternoon outing, and saw above, what I believe to have been a fleet of star craft, camouflaged behind clouds!

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This is Celiera. I come to you in the spirit of Earth’s mighty waterways, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.

As you have read in the newspapers, the global output of heat-trapping carbon monoxide jumped by the biggest amount ever recorded in 2010! Obviously, the efforts of some well-intentioned humans to slow down the effects of global warming are not succeeding. Humankind does not comprehend the enormous effort involving huge sacrifices by all, which would have to be made, to put even a dent in the build-up on carbon dioxide! Even if these efforts were made, and there is not the slightest indication they will be, it would not be enough at this point.

Greenhouses gases have hit levels higher than the worst case scenarios outlined by scientists just four years ago!
Earth pumped 564 million more tons of carbon into the air in 2010 than it did in 2009. That’s an increase of 6%. China, the United States, and India are by far the worst offenders, and growing in carbon emissions by leaps and bounds.

China and the United States account for more than half the increase in global emissions in the past year.

A glimmer of the positive: The developed countries which ratified the Kyoto Treaty Protocol limiting greenhouse gas emissions, have actually achieved their goals in cutting emissions 8% below 1990 levels. The U.S. refused to ratify Kyoto, if you will remember.

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Glimmer of Hope Regarding Bat-Pollinators

Five years after the bat-killing plague called the “white nose syndrome,” scientists have identified the pathogen. About one million Bats have already been wiped out, especially on the east coast of the United States. More than 90% of a cave dwelling species are gone.

As you know, star friends, Bees, Birds, Bats, Butterflies, Insects – all are Gaia’s precious pollinators, and all have been hit really hard in the last five years when they were already struggling before 2007. This includes various kinds of Bees, such a Bumble Bees and even Wasps. Dragonflies also are dwindling.

An example: When Diane moved to Iowa in 1997, each summer for about 5 years, there were a number of Monarch Butterflies as well as other kinds of Butterflies. Monarchs clung in glorious bunches to Diane’s giant pine tree each evening. However, in the past 5 years, there have been none, except one or two Monarchs spotted flying along the gravel road.

Is it a coincidence that genetically modified crops have come into increased usage in this time frame? No, of course it is no coincidence! The short-range goal of the chemical corporations’ advertisements is to increase the yield so farmers (mostly corporate farmers), can make more money for the year.

However, in the long range, my friends, the usage of GMO is murdering the reproductive cycle of Mother Earth’s crops and vegetation as well murdering as her pollinators who fertilize naturally and efficiently, and have done so for millions of successful years.

Back to the Bat news: The pathogen is called geomyces destructans, and it hits Bats as they hibernate for the winter, causing them to use their limited body fat reserves and exhibit strange behavior, such as flying deep into caves where there are no insects or flying outside during the day.
Estimates are that Bats across the United States are worth 3.7 billion a year for just their insect-eating ability. This does not include their pollinating activities which create so many crops, from pears to flax.

The good news: the pathogen is identified. We helped this along just a bit because it was taking too long. It is a fungus and it should be able to be eliminated if funding is not cut and if humans use the best of their creative scientific abilities. We might create some progress into this scenario as well.

Why should you care about crises on Earth like this one which the Bat is suffering, with the New Dawn on the horizon for Earth?

There are a number of reasons why:

One: Due to the phenomenon of the constant branching of reality, we do not know if a number of wonderful species will be left on Earth – the Earth you now know -- or if most of the higher forms of life, such as Bats and other pollinators, will become extinct.

On some of the Reality Continuum’s intersect points, many species will survive great catastrophes. And we always want to work our hardest for the continuation of life itself.
Life will find a way to survive if it possibly can – and even when it can’t -- Life will find a way!

So, there may be an Old Earth which you will know about, as you begin your perception on New Earth. If this is true, know that we of Space/Time Intelligence will do all we can for the life forms, including humans, on Old Earth as well.

In other branch realities, Old Earth will be in the past – completely. The catastrophes will not have left any higher forms of life. However, over millions of years’ time, they will evolve again, when conditions allow them to.

There are very few branch realities in which Earth is wiped out as a viable planet completely, given millions of years’ time.

However, New Earth, the humans who have become Homo cosmos (the birth of a new species!), and all the life forms we have saved over these 60+ years, to re-seed when the time comes—will start anew in a positive environment. The time will have come!

For humans, your perception will become of New Dawn Earth, not of Old Earth. For the animals, they will frolic away in a healthy new environment, but their frequencies also will undergo a rise in awareness as they flourish on New Earth. So your beloved dog, for instance, will become even more aware and perceptive! And so will the Cheetah, the Polar Bear, and ALL – up they go a notch on the awareness ladder, because the EM field will have changed and because – it is time.

Incidentally, if you wish to go back to Old Earth, if there is a survivable Old Earth, after your electromagnetic frequency has adapted to the new EM field, we of Space/Time can work with you on this after the Change Point. However, we really advise against it, although we know your motives would be to help.

You cannot just go back because life itself will be very dangerous and difficult if Old Earth survives, and you would not be able to help survivors while trying to survive yourself. If you went back with our teams, then—it would still be very dangerous and difficult, but it might be done.

--Except that your EM field will have changed, upgraded. It would have to be carefully, slowly, adjusted back if you returned to the surface of Old Earth because you could not stay on the surface for long with the lower EM field. Your raised consciousness (electromagnetic field) makes you an alien on Old Earth.

For instance, we cannot stay on the surface of Old Earth now (Earth 2011), for long periods because of the low EM field. And, after the Change Point, you will be the same in EM frequency as us.

Old Earth EM fields will be even weaker and scattered following catastrophes, one of which is a polar shift. The weak EM field may well splinter into many small electromagnetic fields instead of two primary polar fields; in short, the polar shift may not be a healthy one, to put it mildly.

Ah, I was explaining why you should care about current crises on Earth such as the plight of pollinators and, like W’Vora, I went ambling too much.

I know you realize, star co-worker, that to care is for the benefit of the individual who cares as much as for those he or she helps (cares about).

What goes around comes around….

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you….

These are truth we live by, you and us.

If it is the last Frog on Earth, you still try to save her.

If it is a Tiger who growls at you because he is frightened and because he is a predator, you still try to save him, because his life is worthy.

Humans are the biggest predators in so many ways, and yet, humans ask for help, they ask to be cared about – they ask God, gods, aliens, and other humans, for help during really difficult days. And beings of goodness, answer this call in whatever way we can.

To have the quality within to want to help, enriches you.

Beings do not get very far in cosmic evolution, regardless what their home planet is, if they do not care about other life forms at any chance they get.

We have to laugh at the portrayals of aliens as evil beings, because there is no way we would have evolved to be traversing time and space, if we were beings who let our spirits shrivel. It takes great spirits to do what we do, if I do say so myself! And, it takes great spirits to do what you, our star people, are doing, have done, will do!

Our star people – you – are great spirits. Your Einstein said, “Great spirits always meet violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

And so it is not easy to always care, or to be a star person on a world which seems to only value money and the greed it causes. War heroes are praised but peace heroes seldom are.

Well, I have communicated quite enough.

I am the spirit of Earth’s rivers but I am also a busy member of Space/Time Intelligence, and time is short –there is still much to do!

In unconditional love, Celiera


Four Barn Swallows zoom through the summer air
Playing what seems like a dangerous game of chase the leader
Flying at one another, seeming not to control where they go
When right before collision, All four are suddenly zooming as ONE
Perfect coordination, perfect communication!
What is this magick which never fails?
Starlings dip and swirl as ONE over the rolling sea
Are they a mass mind – tens of thousands of them – ONE mind?
Are they acutely telepathic, with messages sent in a nano-second
To each other – to the ONE?
We humans have far to go before we can accomplish Murmuration!
Each a unique individual, but ONE, a part of The All That Is.


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Tibus on 2012!

Transmission Received Winter, 2011

This is Tibus. I come to you in love and light. Of course this entire issue, and every issue for years, has been about the future, my star friends. However, when we began this ongoing communication with our co-workers on Earth (you, back in 1983, we felt it best not to offer dates written in stone. Maybe it makes us seem “unknowing” not to give a precise date for the Change Point – December 21, 2012 – for instance, which is a date given often now by channels.

It is just that we know all too well, how a timeline has a way of branching itself. A president with his or her finger on the nuclear button, for instance, has free will up until the second he or she hits that button to prompt a nuclear attack on a so-called enemy (no we do not see this happening in 2012, this is just a dramatic example).

You are not killed by a freight train until that second when you step in front of it. You have free-will NOT to step in front of it, which is the free-will choice you make over and over. (Diane says, “Tibus, that’s IF you live by a railroad track!)

A number of star people feel they are just holding on until December 21, 2012, and you may not have to wait that long, my friends. On the other hand, you might have to wait until sometime into 2013 or even 2014 - depending largely on what unfolds on Planet Earth between now and then.

You must realize, we of Space/Time Intelligence are NOT prompting the Change Point or its precise timing. YOU are (that’s “you” as in the humans of Earth)!

There is a critical mass, a tipping point, when the new higher consciousness can finally take hold. Think of a car on a cold morning, at first coughing and sputtering, and then the engine “catching hold” and revving at full force. Critical mass of enlightenment is when the engine of human consciousness, revs at last at full power, in a higher frequency. It takes that one last surge of energy, the “last” mind/spirit to awaken to the new hum, full force. It is an evolutionary step, and those do not come often.

Now, at the same time, Mother Earth herself is preparing for a new incarnation; she sees the end of the line of her current form. This has been prompted un-naturally by humankind’s abuses, but Earth rolls on as a powerful creative life form, and she prepares to simply start again. She moves upward on the evolutionary spiral just as you do, a new level of life is right around the corner for her.

It is no coincidence that Earth and her human children, are hitting this enormous milestone and event, at the same time: She created you, and as far as humankind has strayed, you still reflect her in all ways.

But who is to say the precise moment when this great coming-together “coincidence” will occur? We know it is happening, you know it is happening. We all sense and know this incredible moment draws closer and closer.

Do we of Space/Time intelligence want to predict the precise micro-second? Do you? We are not even involved in it – not in causing it, not in being the two actors in the scene. The two actors are you (humankind) and Mother Earth. We of Space/Time Intelligence are only the stage hands who wish to help.

Since all reality is a quantum wonder, it is a real possibility that you, star person, can create the Change Point (micro-second) at the moment you wish it. You not only perceive your reality, you participate in forming it, and then perceiving it. So in a very real sense, your Change Point might be December 21, 2012, while another person perceives January 31, 2013, and still another person perceives it at March 21, 2012. And yet, it will happen at ONE precise second (hard to perceive, I know, but all time happens simultaneously).

I don’t mean you must try your hardest to create it individually, like if one is constipated—that is not the way to approach quantum perception and the metaphysics connected to it. I am merely explaining that setting a precise date is something that has been done over and over again, and while we do not fault it (an A+ for trying), it has never been my teaching or any of the Space/Time Intelligence friends whom Diane communicates with.

I often think of the Change Point (the moment of The Shift, however you wish to word it), as the moment a fireperson catches a baby thrown out of a burning building: If the fireperson rehearses the catch, it can’t hurt. If the mother hesitates to throw the baby, thinking it over as best she can in her panic as to exactly how much momentum to apply, exactly how to aim, that is good too. However, when the micro-second comes that the baby must be thrown, something takes over. Many would call it God, others would call it an altered state of consciousness, but somehow, the mother and the fireperson work in magical unison, not thinking at all, but acting as if to some cosmic melody. All logic is suspended, intuition takes over, and it is done! Successfully - over before you know it.

Yet the anticipation and planning beforehand, seems forever. And one can’t tell the mother to throw the baby at 4:12. She might throw the baby at 4:11 or 4:13. She throws the baby in the micro-second when it feels right.

In 2012, we know large disasters occur. The Canary Islands government, for instance, is keeping close watch on the small island of El Hierro which continues to rumble with thousands of small tremors. A major earthquake there, likely causes a landslide as it has in the past in the Golfo Valley (which is under the water), which sets the stage for a major tsunami, to head across the Atlantic Ocean toward the east coast of the United States.

In 2012, we will continue to see giant cracks open across the planet as well as deep sink holes, which we have mentioned before. In July, 2011, for instance, in Santa Maria Huejoculco, Mexico, a crack opened in the earth which is now over 500 meters long, and growing. “It just appeared overnight,” said the mayor. “No one knows why or when it will stop.

Star people, I cannot even begin at this point, to list the number of areas which we have “red flagged” as real crises on Earth. The Change Time momentum is rolling at tremendous speed and we are literally all over the skies above the planet. We have moved in large fleets of our craft closer to Earth. We have also moved our home-ships (mother ships), closer, because our smaller craft need to return home after an assignment.

Still farther outside of earth’s atmosphere, are our “really big ships” (smile) which are home to the “mother ships” which are home to the smaller craft. It is safe to say, we have ourselves well prepared and organized, but that micro-second the baby flies through the air, into the safe arms of the fireperson, that is a matter of sheer intuition and instinct, even for us, and especially for you.

We are ready. You are ready. Let’s do this! So that we can get on with the healing, so that we can revel in a new, enlightened frequency on Earth, so that you can see the interior of our ships if you wish, so that we can welcome you home, so that you can look at the magnificence of a Siberian Tiger and know that she will continue! She is no longer on the brink of extinction, and neither are you (smile). We await our star people, a big welcome home!



Chinese Pollution
Causing California’s Bad Weather!

The California mountains above Los Angeles have been covered with heavy snow this morning. China is probably responsible for this unusually heavy snow, because their air pollution has reached toxic proportions. For several days, many Chinese flights have been grounded, airports closed, due to dense fog which registers as highly toxic.

Of course this “bad air” is carried in Gaia’s jet stream across the Pacific (yes, that ocean, so contaminated by Fukashima radiation), as are dust particles from huge dust storms in China’s desert areas, which are becoming more-parched. These particles are too finely grained and there are too many, to concentrate into clouds for rainfall, but they do promote ice in the winter, which then causes super-heavy snowfall. The Butterfly Affect is not just a theory, it is a reality.

Tibus tells me that the extreme winds which recently hit Los Angeles and the southwest, are also related to toxic air pollution blended with atmospheric heating. At this moment, I can’t explain why this is, but I do know Los Angeles had winds up to 150 m.p.h., and looked like a war zone when Santa Ana winds finally ceased. These winds were higher in velocity by far than had ever been recorded before.

Super-winds are a sign of the Change Times just as super-storms are; wherever we live, most of us have experienced higher than normal winds in recent years, and often high winds continue on for days or weeks. There is more to come.

The losers in every form of extreme weather are the beautiful, much-needed trees. Of course we ALL are the losers, all of us Gaian life forms; it just seems that after every disaster, there lie the lovely trees on the ground.

What does this continued tree-loss do to the already damaged lungs of Planet Earth?


Predator Drones Now Used
Over the U.S. Mainland!

About a year ago, we began hearing what we hoped was just a conspiracy theory about drones being used by police to “watch” and also arrest civilians. These are the type of high tech drones used against the Taliban and others in the Mideast.

Now, in a precedent-setting event, law enforcement in North Dakota has nabbed three suspected armed men with the help of a Predator B unmanned drone. It was only after the drone confirmed the men were unarmed, that the police moved in to make the arrest.

Supposedly, drones were commissioned strictly as tools for border control (questionable morally even then), but they are indeed beginning to patrol all over the United States, looking for those on American soil – citizens. Do police in America have this right? It doesn’t seem to matter, this power has been given to them.


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