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Consequences of the
Earthquake in Japan

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On Japan:  Our hearts go out to the Japanese people, the Japanese land and waters, and to the many diverse life forms of that beautiful island and her Pacific Ocean. In all other Springtimes, the cherry blossoms bloomed in unbridled joy.
The Japanese nuclear nightmare catastrophe continues unfolding - continues melting down - because the affluent countries of Earth have embraced atomic energy as their main source of electric power. There will be other nuclear nightmares as earthquakes on our planet become more frequent and larger than in human memory.

This is simply a time when Earth's tectonic plates are on the move, wedging themselves under each other, and restlessly knocking together. This has happened before in humankind's history and many times before Homo sapiens appeared on Earth. It is the way of a living, active planet. If Earth's tectonic plates ceased moving, she would be a dying world, like Mars. Earth is the only planet in the Solar System which has active tectonic movement, and she abounds with life!

Recently archeologists discovered an ancient city they believe to be Atlantis. Many believe that Atlantis was an entire civilization, not a single city. However, the city found just north of what is now Cadiz on the southern coast of Spain, was apparently overwhelmed by a massive tsunami and swallowed forever beneath the waves. This is the power of tsunamis!

Tibus has long warned of the probability of a massive underwater landslide, to be caused by an earthquake along a large fault near the Canary Islands. This may well be the fault which drowned the mighty Atlantis. If this happens again, giant tsunamis would head at 500 mph, for the east coast of the United States. 

Florida is particularly vulnerable. Here is what happened to another sand peninsula because of the Japanese catastrophe: In the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, the small peninsula of Tombolo de Punta Uvita has disappeared. The Japanese quake and tsunamis raised the rides of Costa Rica and dropped the sea floor. At low tide, one could walk from the mainland out into the sea almost one kilometer. Since Japan's disaster, water covers Tombolo all the time. One must swim out to reach the far end of the former beach, which only surfaces slightly at low tide..

We think of Florida when we consider the possibility of huge tsunamis which begin out in the Atlantic, due to the Canary Fault, and proceed toward Florida. We pray this never happens.

These are the Change Times!

Since 1983, Tibus and I have warned of enormous changes in the planet's climate, tectonic activity, volcanic eruptions, and also in society as a whole with its perilous economic structure. What we saw in 1983, was traumatic and huge. Now, it is all happening! As we predicted, it began in full in the 1990s and will climax in a complete Point of Change which will shift Earth's entire reality. A new dimension!

We never predicted Doomsday and we still don't! There is great hope of a New Dawn for Earth after this dark night.

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Consequences of the  Earthquake in Japan

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