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Published monthly since 1983, seeks to help enlightened individuals cope in an unenlightened world. It is not what is "wrong" with you, but what is RIGHT with you which sets you apart! THE HEARTLINE unifies star people, light workers, enlightened individuals, into one energy network which seeks to raise the frequency of human consciousness through our spiritual/psychic efforts before it is too late for our planet, for her amazing life forms, and for us. Each month, a current Cleansing/Healing Day date is announced in THE HEARTLINE so we can join in unison to bring a New Dawn of peace, love, and light. This is not "religion," it is quantum physics blended with metaphysics! Our power is exponentially greater as each individual joins us! We come from all walks of life and faith. Each month Diane's guide Tibus also gives insight into current political crisis, war/terrorist scenarios, warnings of natural disasters, climate change, and more!

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Published since 1990, gives you urgent and timely information in these catastrophic Change Times. We can help you survive! CTQ gives warnings, alerts, predictions on when and where water surges will wash far over the land, as happened in Katrina, when the "volcanic ring of fire" will explode in unison, foresight about "the Big One," (when, where), and more!

Subscribe to CHANGE TIMES QUARTERLY today! Available in hard copy or digital (e-booklet). Where will the next giant tsunami hit? What about super-volcanoes like Yellowstone which would bring years of darkness to Earth, will we have nuclear and/or conventional war casting a shadow over our future? Thousands of people subscribe to CTQ to gain intuitive insight, to help themselves and their families, and to be in communion with other highly aware people. Predictions can help you now and in the future to survive, and predictions can also be used as warnings of what NOT to do, where NOT to be, so you can change your future to the positive - you can survive - with the right knowledge!

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If you would like to support Diane in her mission to boost awareness for the coming change times, as well as her ongoing mission to help abandoned cats and dogs on her 10 acre sanctuary in Iowa, you can always donate any amount at any time.  Your support and kindness are known by Spirit, and will not go unrewarded.  We welcome and value your assistance.



Diane's Sunrise Stone
Send a beacon out into the galaxy, proclaiming you are ready for the new dawn of Planet Earth's risen consciousness! Carry your vibrant Citrine Calcite Sunrise Stone with you in these Change Times; let your enlightenment flow and flourish! Diane has personally fallen in love with the vibrations of this beautiful gemstone.
Your beautiful orange/gold Sunrise Stone symbolizes and proclaims your enlightened path as the dimensional shift looms, which will lead to new life for Mother Earth and for those humans who can adapt their minds and spirits to a higher, better way of thinking, feeling, acting, and being. Celebrate the New Dawn's orange and golden light!
Your Sunrise Stone comes with a full page of "How-To" meditations and guidance from Diane's guide Tibus.
Very limited supply, so order now! Diane will personally energize your Sunrise Stone. Let your beacon of light shine forth into the galaxy!
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By snail mail:
Order from: Diane Tessman, P.O. Box 352, St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472


Diane Speaks
The Human Perspective

Creating the Future (Introduction)
Dark Plasma & Dark Matter (Part One)
Other-Earth: Dark Plasma/Matter (Part 2)
Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion
4 Questions on Paranormal Events & UFOs
Quantum Dreaming
UFO Occupants: From Time Not Space?
Alien Entanglement/Quantum Entanglement?
Do UFO Occupants Surf the Internet?
Human Beliefs: An Enormous Challenge
The Ancient Astronaut Puzzle
Unidentified Light-form in Irish Meadow

Paranormal Warnings/Bridge Collapses

Tibus Speaks
Messages From A Higher Realm

Tibus' Archeological Predictions Come True!
The Reality Continuum Revisited
Fracking, The God Cloud & the Change Times
Tibus' Warning on Pipeline
UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View
Guidance & Help for the Change Times
Volcano Focus
Evolution & the Creator Spirit
The New Madrid Prediction



The Star Heartline
The Change Times Quarterly

Empowering Readings

Ask Questions About Your Own Journey
Expand Your Awareness
Explore A Past Life
Receive Tips To Survive The Change Times!


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It Always Seems Impossible
Accurate Predictions
Future Predictions - New!
Older articles & essays

Consequences of the  Earthquake in Japan

Top 10 UFO Landing Sites
Do UFOs Camouflage With Clouds?
A Fine Fleet of Intelligent Clouds
Traversing the Intelligence of Species
Implanting Visions
UFO Occupants: More Than Just Cold Observers
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