It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done


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Nelson Mandela’s passing has prompted me to wonder, “What will the next great freedom fight be? And where?”

Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

I know it seems impossible, but I think the next great freedom struggle is as the united people of one planet, overcoming 3 huge, enslaving aspects of all of our lives.

1.       We will secure for ourselves the use of free, endless energy

2.       We will demand and achieve Disclosure of the fact we are not alone

3.       We will begin interaction with UFO occupants as one intelligent galactic (and/or dimensional) species to another (many others)

The first shackle to cast off is our dependence on oil and similar energy sources. We know of our ridiculous enslavement to big oil; however, natural gas now uses the fracking method which has already caused numerous earthquake clusters because it literally guts the Earth’s water table and rock structure. This is a damaging, dangerous method of extracting natural gas.

Generating electricity gobbles up oil and the other finite resources of Mother Earth,wounding Earth in the process and all the while placing trillions upon trillions of dollars into the pockets of multi-national conglomerates which have such far-reaching tentacles we cannot even fathom them. Their enslavement of all of us is so insidious that most of the enslaved do not even know we are enslaved.

Our Sun pumps out a half of a million tons of electrons every second. It has been doing this for billions  ofyears. There is an unimaginable amount of raw power – in its purest form – out there, waiting for us to learn how to tap into it.  Why should we need to generate electricity at all when the electron is so abundantly – and freely – available? What we do need is to devise a way to simply collect it.

As we know, there are many “free energy” websites. I am quoting from Peter X. Dunn’s site, which is very clear and interesting:

Electron Entrapment - Free Energy

The second aspect of the next great freedom fight is that “We, the People of Earth,” will succeed in our demands that the existence in our skies of UFOs and their occupants, be made known to us in full. We will succeed in obtaining the truth about our own ancestry and the history of our planet as well.

No, we will not run in panic into the streets in utter chaos as our governments tell us we will - so as to keep us enslaved. Our struggle will be intelligent and peaceful; we can handle the truth. If some of us do panic, I firmly believe that once the first startling information is known to them, they too will be able to cope. Humankind is nothing if not adaptable.


The final aspect is that the human race will transition to becoming one of many galactic races; these beings are, I believe, from planets or possibly dimensions which are cognizant that the galaxy and no doubt the entire universe abounds with life, some of which travels the stars. How exciting to graduate into this cognizance as a species, how reassuring to evolve! If we cannot find it in ourselves to take this evolutionary step we stagnate as a species, becoming unviable in nature.

Mandela told us that fear inside never goes away but we overcome it and we act intelligently, logically. Fear must not rule the day because it hurts us – not all those other intergalactic races.

Yes, there are many freedom struggles going on. In the United States, it is we 99% who have seemingly been conquered by the 1% super-wealthy. They try to keep us quiet by bombarding us with violence, celebrities, and rampant consumerism/materialism. I firmly believe more and more people will see through these tricks and will overcome.

Africa is a troubled continent; many of those troubles are caused by greedy colonization by First World countries in the past. This is another current freedom struggle as is the situation between the First World and the Mideast (Islam and Christianity – are we right back to the Crusades)?

There are the equal rights struggles of same sex, race, gender – all those prejudices we must overcome fast if we are to survive as a species. We face enormous challenges – all of us, all over the world.

Yes, one planet but not in the evil “New World Order” way. It is simply time for UFO Disclosure to all humans. It is time for free abundant energy for all humans. And our huge technological advances if nothing else, dictate that it is time to acknowledge and meet other galactic races.

Will we ever break out of our planetwide prison? Nelson Mandela’s words echo, “It always seems impossible and then it is done.”



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