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“I have been a devoted client of Diane Tessman since 1983. I would not miss one issue of THE HEARTLINE. Diane's personal, written counselings have helped guide my life all these years. I always request another one after being inspired, thrilled, and often moved to tears by the current reading she sends me. My (grown) daughter and son also swear by Diane and her guide Tibus, as my sister in Germany does. I translate Diane's work into German for her.”
Elsie W. Knoxville, Tennessee

“Thank you Diane for giving us spiritual nourishment month after month, year after year. Here is my re-subscription money for another year of CHANGE TIMES QUARTERLY, THE HEARTLINE, and HEALING STAR! Thank you, too, for caring so much about Mother Earth's stray dogs and cats. Because of you, I have awakened spiritually and life is so much happier and simpler than it was for years!”
-Fred W. Spokane, Washington

" I have read and re-read EARTH CHANGES BIBLE and your other books too. More than any other "new age" books, your material is accurate, years ahead of its time, and so positive. I do not feel fear, even though these are such frightening times. You were over ten years ahead of Al Gore in sounding alarm bells regarding global warming. So many other predictions and warnings, too, have proven to be absolutelt accurate! You are Tibus are my valued friends."
-Rudy L., Northern Territory, Australia.

In its Spring, 1997 issue, UNSOLVED UFO SIGHTINGS magazine featured an article entitled "Diane Tessman, Prophet of the New Age," and says that 'Diane is one of the leading voices in the rising chorus of seekers of enlightenment,' as the millennium moves to the 21st Century. 'An entire culture has grown up around the phenomenon of channeling, a movement of forward-looking, life-affirming mysticism called 'The New Age,' and eminent among these is gifted writer and psychic Diane Tessman.'
-Sean Casteel, author, UNSOLVED UFO SIGHTINGS magazine

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In addition to helping others find their personal path,
Diane also feeds & cares for stray and abandoned animals
ranging from cats and dogs to deer, turkey & other wildlife.
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Diane Speaks
The Human Perspective

Creating the Future (Introduction)
Dark Plasma & Dark Matter (Part One)
Other-Earth: Dark Plasma/Matter (Part 2)
Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion
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Quantum Dreaming
UFO Occupants: From Time Not Space?
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Do UFO Occupants Surf the Internet?
Human Beliefs: An Enormous Challenge
The Ancient Astronaut Puzzle
Unidentified Light-form in Irish Meadow

Paranormal Warnings/Bridge Collapses

Tibus Speaks
Messages From A Higher Realm

Tibus' Archeological Predictions Come True!
The Reality Continuum Revisited
Fracking, The God Cloud & the Change Times
Tibus' Warning on Pipeline
UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View
Guidance & Help for the Change Times
Volcano Focus
Evolution & the Creator Spirit
The New Madrid Prediction



The Star Heartline
The Change Times Quarterly

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