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UFO Occupants:
From Time Not Space?

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There are strong arguments for UFO occupants being aliens of time, not space. The only real argument against this is that there is no such thing as time travel. Of course it is also argued that the distances are too great in space to permit travel from “there” to “here,” so that, too, is said by some to be impossible. However, these unidentified flying objects with unidentified pilots inside, have to come from somewhere or some-when. If they are time-aliens instead of space-aliens, a number of other questions are answered.


The fascinating reality seems to be that as we discover more secrets of space/time and the quantum universe, each new discovery makes time travel as likely as space travel. After all, it is “space/time,” not just “space.” Time has always been mixed up in the cosmic puzzle. The current theories include the concept of a “super-highway” which exists thanks to a rupture in space/time that happened as the Big Bang expanded; due to this “string,” which exists outside the fabric, starships or time-ships might be able to travel from one point to another, extremely fast. This point might be a point of space or a point in time. http://www.ufodigest.com/article/super-highway-stars-alien-traffic

There are other theories too, one of which explains that aliens from far distant planets might be able to take a “wormhole” through space but wormholes, too, involve time warps as much as space warps. Black holes are the original jokesters who flaunt the fact that time is not what we thought it was; the event horizon of a black hole stops time entirely for the outside observer watching an object get sucked into the black hole; to the outside observer, that object remains virtually forever on the event horizon, never being sucked into the hole. Meanwhile, the object has been consumed by the black hole from which no light, no time, no gravity, no-nothing, ever escapes. Let’s face it, “time” is just not the solid march of moments which we thought it was!

All in all, the imagined obstacle of time being not traversable is no more valid than the obstacle of space being not traversable. It is just as likely that UFO occupants are time-aliens as space-aliens. Simply put, they well may be humans from the future - or the past – because, after all, if you can travel time, is there such a thing as time at all?
I hasten to add that I believe that there are aliens (extraterrestrials), from space as well in our skies, who somehow travel the far distances involved; perhaps these space-aliens have a working alliance with the human time-aliens. ETs tend to dominate UFO theories but I feel we should focus more on the time-aliens.

What UFO questions are answered if UFO occupants are from our human (Earth) family tree?

UFO Question One: Why do the aliens hang around Earth year after year? They should have conquered us or helped us or departed by now to explore other worlds.

Answer: If they are time-traveling humans, they have a vested interest in Earth’s welfare. Earth’s environment steadily degraded as humans developed industry and began their population explosion on the surface of the planet.
In 1945, the United States used nuclear bombs against Japan, a first in human history; sure enough, UFOs began to appear in abundance in Earth skies. The development and use of nuclear energy is certain to be a milestone as we look back on our history as a race. For the first time, humans have the ability to destroy life on Planet Earth and show a willingness to be stupid enough to do so.

The Year 2000 ushered in the beginning of the Singularity, which culminates somewhere in the future when humans and computers become one force, one entity-- thanks to computer chips in human heads or other similar methods. Already, life stops if the computer goes down at Walmart; no one is allowed to add up purchases with a pen and paper, and all humans just stand there, waiting on the computer to recover.

The Singularity is, of course, a subject worthy of a volume on its own: Some believe humans will leap ahead in intelligence while others believe the human soul will be lost. One thing is clear, we already know how advanced technology dominates our lives, and certainly humans from the future would look back and see the coming Singularity as the second major milestone of human history.

And so, UFOs hang around because we current humans are wrestling with nuclear power (especially what it can do in war, and with the coming Singularity. It seems clear to me that our own descendants would find these 2 milestones in their ancient history extremely important, whereas ETs might shrug and say, “Well, yes, these are huge human problems, not ours, though, and so we are traveling on.”

UFO Question Two: Why do aliens mess around with our nuclear missile controls; whether we are Russian or American, we have witnessed UFOs hovering over our missile silos, turning launch codes on and off, and generally giving military men a nervous breakdown.

Answer: Future humans would have the greatest interest in manipulating human history for the better. Perhaps future humans do not even exist if nuclear weapons are ever launched, one country against another because at that point, perhaps nuclear contamination stops the progression of higher life on Earth.


Of course, according to me future humans do exist, so that should tell us that nothing life-ending ever did happen, and all our problems are eventually worked out. That’s true except that there are a lot of loops and knots in quantum time travel, so who really knows? Perhaps we did make it, but perhaps we only made it because these future humans create this positive reality by manipulating us. Yes, this becomes the stuff of science fiction but—those UFOs are in our skies! They come from somewhere – or some when!

UFO Question Three: Why abductions and other frightening actions?

Answer: Laboratory research is certainly something humans do. Do the police care if they frighten you if they take you in for questioning? Does a doctor care if he scares you as he tells you about a serious health condition? If he is a nice guy, he would rather not scare you, but he does his medical/scientific function with no problem, and some doctors don’t really care if they scare you or not. Do humans mutilate and kill lab animals for research reasons?

We might not know every reason that time-aliens are abducting and researching Earth life forms, but this behavior is classically human. We really don’t know if it is classically extraterrestrial.

UFO Question Four: There are human-looking aliens who are sometimes called “golden humans” or “Nordics” or “tall whites.” These may be 3 separate groups or they may be different names for the same group. How come extraterrestrials from far-distant planets look so much like humans? Yes, perhaps humanoid races were seeded across the galaxy. And how come other aliens look like human fetuses? Fetuses: Our own dear babies!

Answer: The simplest answer to the above questions is simply that these types of aliens are human! Perhaps the “golden humans” are from a mere 500 years ahead in “time.” Perhaps the fetuses are from 10,000 years ahead in time.

It may not be that the golden humans evolved into fetuses, it may be that the human family tree continued to branch out as it always has. Thus we Homo sapiens do not look like Neanderthals, although it is obvious we are of the same general biological family.

To me, it is obvious that the golden humans and the fetuses are of our general biological family. Neither of them are Homo sapiens because many years have passed for them, and evolution moved on, branching, ever branching. Homo sapiens is hopefully not the last of the Family Tree, our tree will likely continue to grow.

Of course if time can be traveled in any “direction,” then perhaps the golden humans or the fetuses are from way back in time. The myths of gods and goddesses as well as the elongated heads of ancient Egyptian rulers, and so many other ancient astronaut concepts, suggest that time travelers were back in ancient time, too. Is their “native time” in ancient days or future days? “When” do they come from?
UFO Question Five: Why don’t the aliens just tell us where they are from and what they are doing? They have probably made an agreement with Earth governments not to deal directly with the human populace, but perhaps there is another reason.

Answer: It is actually easier to fathom that extraterrestrials got in their space ships and zoomed to Earth in a straight line, than it is to tackle the huge enigmas, knots, paradoxes, and conundrums of time traveling humans.

The concept of time-aliens is really mind-blowing, bringing with it so many quantum possibilities which completely demolish our perception of reality itself. Perhaps the future humans just don’t feel we can handle it, or not yet. However, the many crises confronting Earth at present, I believe, demand that these time-aliens reveal themselves soon. That is a huge subject for another day.

I do not deny the existence of human-looking folk from the Pleiades or Zeta Reticuli or where-ever, and I know certain exo-histories have been theorized to explain various questions. I feel that the galaxy and the universe are so overwhelmingly vast and strange, that just about every theory ever produced, is probably true in some manner, shape or form.

What I am saying is that so many questions are answered quite simply if we consider that many of the UFO occupants are from our own Earth family tree, whether 5,000 years ahead or 20,000 years behind. “Time” is cyclical anyway and simply does not exist as a fixed solid.

I hope that in our near future, we who are fascinated with UFO occupants, will consider them as possible humans from Earth more seriously than we presently do. The idea is there within us, but we tend to just skim right over it. I feel it is, in fact, a big part of The Answer.

I also feel we don’t have to understand every nuance of quantum time travel in order to handle the fact that we are being visited and watched by ourselves. Perhaps we are even guided by ourselves, not as individuals (although that might be also), but as an evolving species.

Pogo the Opossum used to say, “I have met the enemy and he is us.” Perhaps one day soon we will say, “I have met the UFO occupant and she is us.”


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